Ride Guidelines

1) Map Providers are responsible for distributing both “long” & “short” route maps before the ride.  They should pre-ride/drive the route & minimize highway travel/crossings.
2) “Long” Routes should be 55-65K, and not to exceed 70km.  We need to be mindful of daylight, especially for those riding to the Start Locations.
3) “Short” Routes should be 45-55K.
4) Please follow the rules of the road, and use proper cycling etiquette: stay in your line, maintain tire clearance, no sudden braking, alerts others of upcoming hazards (gravel & potholes).
5) Make sure your bike is in good condition before the ride, and carry spare tubes, patch kits, pumps/CO2, tire levers, etc.
6) Look after each other: re-group occasionally (at corners, Stop signs).  If you are going to get dropped off the pack let someone know, please.  Make sure you understand maps, so you can get home.
7) Invite a guest, and educate them on proper riding etiquette.  If needed, be comfortable with riding along with them at the back.